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Shuttlecock's Banano Cryptography Puzzle #2

UPDATE: Puzzle has been solved.

This puzzle, when solved, reveals the mnemonic phrase for a banano wallet. Information about the mnemonic phrase is encoded within both the puzzle title, and the image.

Title: 19

Title: 19This wallet currently contains 1.9 ban. The first person to solve the puzzle will receive 1000 ban, directly from the Jungle Council.

Here are the instructions to claim the prize: (1) Solve the puzzle. This is the hardest step. (2) Send the 1.9 ban in the “prize wallet” to your own wallet. (3) Then, from your own wallet, send 1.9 ban to shuttlecock’s wallet — ban_3nk5wum1u3n33xyarnnu5twbmjeowmxgu4m8u1egkiooworbitbxq334bhai.

Upon completion of Step (3), shuttlecock will inform the Jungle Council that the puzzle has been solved. The Council will then transfer the 1000 ban directly into your wallet. (Please note that due to time-zone differences and other potential delays, you may not receive your prize immediately.)

Here’s an image to make things clearer.

Wallet address: ban_18osfk4t1tfsqj4yowx9m5w4fdztdx1a15npi11fff98e149phrji3yqit8a Explorer (to check if the prize is still available):

If you have any queries, please DM shuttlecock#3376 on Discord.

NOTE: One hint will be provided here, for every 24 hours that the puzzle remains unsolved. Come back here to find out what they are!

All the best, and (most importantly), have fun!


Winner: chaosmonkey#1919


SOLUTION 1. Start from the centre of the image. The inner-most circle comprises dots, short dashes, and long dashes. If we focus on the dots and short dashes , in a clockwise fashion— we get Morse code for 361. We get 361 by multiplying 19 (title) by 19 (number in the centre of the image).

2. There is another circle in the centre of the image, which also comprises dots, short dashes, and long dashes. If we focus on the dots and short dashes in a clockwise fashion —we get Morse code for 38. We get38 by adding 19 (title) by 19 (number in the centre of the image).

3. There are 24 spokes. Each of these spokes lead to a “slice” of 4 outer-most rings. Given that the solution is the mnemonic phrase for a wallet, we know that each of these spokes+slice combination contains information about the (i) position of the word, and (ii) the word itself.

4. Spokes contain 2 colours. It is binary. Binary is one of the few codes that gives us only 2 values, along with Morse code. Both codes were covered in our prep quiz.

5. Start from the centre of the ring. Red=0, Blue=1. Take the spoke at the 12 o’clock position. It gives us 000000010011, which is binary for 19. Do this for the rest of the spokes. You will get numbers that range from 19 to 456. Recall the first step (#1)? 19 to 456 is 1 to 24 multiplied by 19. So we just need to divide 19 to 456 by 19, to give us 1 to 24. We now have the positions of the words.

6. This means that the outermost ring contains information about the words. If you look closely, the outermost ring comprises 4 layers (of triangles). There are 3 colours — green, purple, and orange. This is, again, Morse code. Green=dash; Purple=dot; Orange=space.

7. We move from the innermost layer to the outermost layer. Take the slice at the 12 o’clock position. We get — -… ..-. -..-. This is MBFX in Morse code. Recall the second step (#2)? The number 19 was added to 19. MBFX is actually TIME, shifted +19. This is the Caesar cipher (

8. Do this for the rest of slices to get the words. You will get this: From the outer rings.9. Now, we search for these words on the BIP-39 list, which is the list containing the words for mnemonic phrases ( We get this:

And the puzzle is solved!

Full solution

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