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[NEWS] Snappa Starts a Shoop War

It is never a dull day in the Jungle, especially with Mr. Banano 2019 and top twerker extraordinaire Snappadoodle keeping things fresh and the meme energy .. shitty.

It began with a simple cropped image of BANANO’s very own ChrisTurd. Reports show that Snappadoodle posted a photoshopped image of Turd standing in front of a Gucci store, toting one of their popular handbags, before providing The Jungle with the fully cropped version (pictured on the left). With BANANO being a memecoin, this was an open invitation and obvious opportunity to shoop. While the photo was originally of the beloved CM posing in front of the Vatican in Rome, the journey which he embarked on from there was left up to the people of BANANO. And damn, did they ever take him for a ride.

In just minutes, we watched our very own ChrisTurd go from Casting Couch to Pornhub’s Amateur of the Year (and be sure to congratulate him!).

He also made an appearance as the 5th bitty on Sex in the City

Visited the Great Wall of China

Stopped in quickly at the Met Gala

Also.. this happened

And.. he temporarily transformed into a tree.

Listen, we just report what we see. I can’t explain this.
Listen, we just report what we see. I can’t explain this.

The Daily Peel would like to thank Snappadoodle, Kron, Frena, seb, Czernobog, titoxico, and the many others who participated in the impromptu meme spree. We appreciate you.

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