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[Event] Sook + Soggy Emoji Contest

From now until April 19th at 19:00 EST, submit your Sook or Soggy inspired emojis for potassium filled prizes and the chance to see your creations in Sook + Soggy BANGO later this month.


• Create an original emoji inspired by Sook and/or Soggy

• It can be an adaptation of an existing emoji or an original creation

• Non-Citizens may participate • Square (300x300 px, 500x500 px, etc)

• Transparent background

• Clear/legible if small (like when used in text and reacts)

• Be creative, cute, cursed, or whatever else comes to you

• Submit your entries before the deadline to the Sook + Soggy Emoji Contest forum on Banano Discord.

• You may submit unlimited entries, but will only receive prizes for your highest voted submission. All submissions have the potential to be included in the Sook + Soggy BANGO


1st Place: 6666 Banano

2nd Place: 4200 Banano

3rd Place: 2420 Banano

+ Ban prizes available for participants with valid entries, totalling 19k BAN

Deadline: April 19th 19:00 EST

This event is open to everyone (you don't need the Citizen role on the Banano Discord server to participate). The jury may disqualify any entry that doesn't meet the requirements, at our discretion.

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