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Star Wars Trivia

The BANANO Empire Strikes Back

Join us in the Republic for Star Wars Trivia - 20 Questions ranging from easy to hard - hosted by SSJ4Link

Start time: 2030PM EST Friday May 14, 2021 / 00:20 GMT Sat. May 15, 2021

Where to be: #🏅-events-and-giveaways-and-bots on the BANANO Discord server


We are giving away 2000 BAN in prizes and rains during the event. Prizes range from 19 BAN to 119 BAN depending on the level of difficulty.


A question will be asked;

- First person to tag @SSJ4Link#8807 with the correct answer wins!

- Spelling matters

- Maximum 3 wins per player; but you can still play after regardless

- Citizenship is not a requirement; all are welcome!

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