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Trivia: Dungeons & Banano

Dungeons and Banano is hosting episode 1 trivia with fun and prizes galore: it's time to listen and win! Here's how to participate -

  1. Listen to Episode One of Dungeons & Banano here Spotify Apple

  2. Join us on Banano discord in #event-room on Monday, December 13th at 11pm UTC (6pm ET, 3pm PT)

  3. Tackle a 10 question trivia hosted on Quizizz

  4. Party Hardy

Speed and Knowledge are your friends. You do not need to be a citizen to play. All questions will be taken from episode 1 of Dungeons & Banano. 500 BAN to 1st place. 250 BAN to 2nd place. 119 BAN to 3rd, with a high chance of rain and delicious Banano splits.

To learn more about DnB find us on discord where we have all kinds of RPG related goodness. There are plenty of ways to interact with the show and influence the storyline which also come with Banano prizes! Follow our heroes as they travel to the world of The Cryptolands - a place that blends tabletop roleplaying with cryptocurrency themes. Each episode of D&B is inspired by DAG technology and packed with potassium for your ears! @Zanefold hosts the show; @Bosco plays Banambe the Gorilla Barbarian, @Jhaded plays Kit the Verdan Warlock and me @Champrockwell as Bani the Monkey Rogue. There's suspense! Swashbuckling! Giant squids! Roll the dice and come check us out...

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