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Uplift World Event Results

The Uplift World Event with Banano, CryptomonKeys, WAX and Upliftium rewards is now over and it has produced some amazing builds.

You can visit the 3D map by clicking here and explore the various builds.

On purpose no coordinates are provided, let us see if you can spot them???

The winners of the event are:

First place: Demetrius19_

Prize: 1919 Banano + MonKeyPack

Second place: Bubbagump and Jondoer

Prize: 1019 Banano + MonKeyPack

Third place: Nathi and Katze

Prize: 606 Banano + MonKeyPack

All builds have been rewarded with Banano, CryptomonKeys and all builders have received automatically from The Uplift World WAX and Upliftium.

For any questions on the event please contact DrYunani

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