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[CLASSIFIED] Jungle Reporters, Journalists, and Bloggers for The Daily Peel!

Updated: May 20, 2020

WANTED: Reporters, journalists, and bloggers are sought to write in the official unofficial newspaper of the BANANO Republic, The Daily Peel! Earn crypto for your writing!


We are looking for spontaneous submissions, as well as individuals interested in being regular contributors (4+ posts per month). All languages and monkeys welcome!


1. Choose your article topic

Article Topic Suggestions #1: Community Content

Any topic related to your BANANO community specifically. Can include but is not limited to information on any of the following topics:

• Mini trivias

• New citizens of your community

• Exemplary citizens of your community

• Memes or Gossip (satire)

• Polemic

• Surveys for the public

• Stories or Poems

Article Topic Suggestions #2: Cryptocurrency

Any topic related to BANANO and/or cryptocurrency as a whole. Can include but is not limited to information on any of the following topics:

• Contests or Events

• Memes or Gossip (satire) • Cryptocurrency News

• Cryptocurrency Marketing

• Faucet/Distribution ideas and information

• Surveys for the public

Article Topic Suggestions #3: Miscellaneous

• Opinion (financial, political, social)

• Advice (

• Help/Tutorial

• Surveys for the public

• A topic of your choice

2. Polish It Up

Your article(s) must contain:

• Between 2000-10000 characters

• Your username and your preferred language/jungle of origin

• At least one image (an existing meme or flyer, or something you created) - Image does not need to be original

• Relevant/helpful hashtags and hyperlinks

3. Submit it to The Daily Peel

DM your articles to SoggyApplePie or Andreiniana on BANANO Discord, email them to, or submit them through our contact form here

We pay $BAN for your writing! Get published on The Daily Peel today!

More of an artist/illustrator? Maybe THIS CLASSIFIED is more your style.

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