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The Daily Peel Celebrates 1 Year Making Headlines

It is hard to believe that a year ago today, The Daily Peel launched its bullshit brigade in full force. Since April 1 2020, certainly a lot has happened within the BANANO community, and we have truly loved being there to document the accomplishments and capitalize off of the misfortunes of others.

We thought we would relive a few great pieces of history (and their articles) in an annual highlight. This is but a fraction of the amazing, hilarious, helpful, insightful, and inspiring content that has been curated by Ban Fam for Ban Fam.. but we still wanted to bring back some great pieces from the last year:

Daily Peel Prize Tracker

Did you know that over the last year, The Daily Peel team has not only hidden prizes all over the site, but they’ve been providing an updated status report of these prizes since Day 1?

It’s true, from puzzles to secret seeds and beyond, this place is riddled with BANANO just waiting to be claimed!

Don’t believe us? Follow it here:

Renesq Doxxed by Science

Doxxing is a serious matter, which is why we had our experts tackle this matter the only way they know how: with laboratory-levels of bullshit.

Inorganically crafted with hundreds of years worth of history’s most (in)famous Renes, hand-rendered by The Daily Peel’s very own architect, we bring you the beautiful visage of your beloved dictator, renesq.

Study the very scientific breakdown of science here:

420 Giveaway: Huge Pot

A tale that deserves to be told again and again is the tokiest event of BANANO‘s history: the Johnny Marijuannaseeds Mega Super 4/20 Giveaway. With a starting pot of 100k BAN (generously sponsored by Czernobog) and a final pot of over 200k BAN, last April was a big hit:

Next Gen Needs Crypto

Possibly one of the current greatest usecases of BANANO is its BANANO in the Classroom Project, which is a BANANO-based incentive program that teaches personal responsibility group accountability, as well as financial literacy and application skills to students in school all over the world.

Read more about this project here:

Exchanges Are Not Banks

An article that will stand the test of time again and again: Exchanges Are Not Banks. To put it nice and simple, The Daily Peel team urges everybody to take their coins off exchanges.

It‘s to keep you and your bans safu, and we have our very own Oops explain why here:

Community Runs Karaoke with Over 100 in Attendance During Quarantine

And not a single COVID restriction was broken (at least we are pretty sure). Such is the beauty of online communities, though. You can gather with your friends from all around the world and sing, play music, and share memories, without having to leave your home.

To the Person Who Tipped Me One Banano

No matter the monetary value of BAN, its sentimental value will always be greater.

It’s a gesture of kindness to the purest degree, and that’s why a BAN tip, any BAN tip, even a tip of one single BAN, is appreciated by any monkey who understands its beautiful and bountiful yellow goodness.

You probably get the idea, but it’s said a lot better here:

Sexualizing Cryptocurrency Terms (18+)

Blockchain this, Pump’n’Dump that, it can be easy to get lost in the dynamic crypto lingo that exists out there. That’s why, instead of explaining any of that accurately, we have made it into one filthy read:

Swole Torchic Terrorizes Banano

July 12th will forever be known in the BANANO Republic as Swole Torchic Day. A day of trolling for some, a day of terror for others.

Despite efforts to destroy all trace of the existence of this foul creation, it continues to live on beyond its single date of destruction.

Look away, but also look here:

BANANO Dictator Urges Citizens to get Tested Amid Derpes Outbreak

A year later and the derpiness has all but subsided. The Derpes Pandemic of 2020, now effectively being renamed The Derpes Pandemic of 2020-2021, has spread across the globe at rates which can only be explained by instant and feel-less technology. The Internet.

Rumours continue to circulate regarding who is to blame for all this derpiness, and questions still go unanswered.

See how our dictators handled the crisis here:

You Should Read the Yellow Paper

You really should. It’s right here:

But if you would rather read about THIS, that’s fine too.

Or if THIS is more your style, we wouldn’t blame you either.

And if you’re not into either of these amazing options, you can always try something like THIS.

We highly doubt you’d be unsatisfied with any of the above options, but just incase, we‘ve got THIS doozy for too.

Or try reading the Yellow Paper again, it’s right here:

2020 BANAcademy Awards List

The Republic’s most highly-anticipated event of the year. Here’s a list of all the awards from 2020:

Ban Fam Grows by One

Every day, we welcome new monkeys to the jungles of the Republic.. but this day was certainly one like no other. Welcoming Popi into the Ban Fam is one of the most selfless initiatives to emerge from the BANANO community, and it continues to not just live on- but make a positive difference:

The Daily Peel team would like to deeply thank all of our contributors, viewers, and supporters for such an amazing and meme-filled first year in. We look forward to sharing what is to come and keeping up with the shenanigans of our busy jungles.

Don’t let your memes be dreams.

Don’t see an article in particular you were looking for? Link it below and add to The Daily Peel’s 1st Birthday highlights.

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