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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

You heard us! For the whole month of April, you have the chance to Enter the Johnny Marijuannaseeds Mega-Super 4/20 Giveaway! Picture yourself rolling in the green and get your tickets to win a HUGE POT. The stakes are high, so smoke ’em if you got ‘em. And make sure you tell all your best buds!

What You Need to Know

- Begins April 1

- Ends April 30

- Must be a BANANO Discord Citizen

- The Pot starts at 100000 BAN. All ticket sales are added to the Final Pot.

How to Enter

- Fill out the brief 4/20 Giveaway Registration Form

- Purchase your first ticket by sending 119 BAN to the following address:

ban_1high9fo4wwqd814ec85k3q87gr35d3rzrbhsuk9ixzmidw831gmz9rgez9j - Any tickets purchased after the first ticket cost 1000 each. You may purchase up to 10 tickets total.

Graciously sponsored by our stoner monkey Czernobog.

NOTE: If you send an incorrect total (i.e. above or below the ticket price), you will not be refunded. Please check carefully that you have input the correct amounts (119 BAN / 1000

BAN) before sending.

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