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wen poem Poetry Contest

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Compete in a ban-theamed poetry competition, with the chances to win prizes, and have your poem featured in the Daily Peel.

There will be a bansplit, and prizes for the top three poems in each category, and best overall.

When: Submissions open Monday, July 19th and are open for two weeks

Where: Submission details will be on the #events'n'stuff channel on the BANANO Discord server, nearer to the time.

There is a rubric at the bottom on this article, please note all categories of excellence. Poems get higher marks for having good meter, being humorous etc.

You may submit only one poem for the competition.

Your poem has to fall within one of the following categories (please choose wisely)

1st Category - Topic: wBAN. Form: Haiku

2nd Category - Topic: Banano. Form: Rhyming ('abab')

3rd Category - Topic: Ban Community (must use the words ‘rain’ and ‘bolice’). Form: non rhyming poem

Please note that the category requirements will be strictly enforced. e.g. a haiku that is not about wBan will not be considered."

Note: Haiku are exempt from the 50 word minimum

Prize Breakdown: 
Overall places: 1st (690BAN) 2nd (420BAN) 3rd (190BAN)
Category shortlisted: Top 3 (50BAN)
Overall bansplit: Participants 2250BAN
Total prize pool = 4000BAN

Rules: General

The competition is open to any citizen.

A single entrant can make only one entry.

All entries will be considered anonymously by the judges.

Under no circumstances can alterations be made to poems once entered.

The judges read all the entries; their decision is final.

Judges cannot enter.

Only Citizens of the Discord server may submit a poem

Rules: Poems

All entries are judged anonymously, and the poet’s name must not appear on the poem itself.

Minimum length of 50 words (haiku are exempt)

Maximum length of 420 words

Poems must be the entrant’s own, original work for this competition.

The copyright of each poem remains with the author, but overlords demand the right to reuse your poems

Submissions must be in English for this specific competition

Details: Winners

Prize-winners will be notified by the 2nd of August

Gold, silver and bronze prices are for the three best poems overall,

Bansplit for all participants

If you win first, second or third prize overall, you are not eligible for the shortlisting prize.

1st Category: wBAN - Haiku

2nd Category: Banano - Rhyming ('abab')

3rd Category: Ban Community (must use the words ‘rain’ and ‘bolice’) - non rhyming poem

We hope to see your poem, soon.

Please submit your poem at

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