$BAN as a Currency for Goods and Services

Updated: Sep 28

A lot of ingenious monkeys are planning to create new ways to add functionality and values to our loved coin made of potassium. The history of BANANO has never been so full of new projects that aim to give a tangible value to $BAN.

These efforts play an important role in representing the goals that the community has set, not only teaching the financial part of the cryptocurrency, but creating an environment in which the “currency” part can show its real meaning as the coin is used to exchange its value for goods and services.

One of the examples that is most rooted in the history of the community is r/bananomarket, a subreddit created April 19th 2018, with the purpose of facilitating the trading of BANANO for goods and services. In every post there is a new idea by a monkey of our community to earn or offer others our rich in potassium coin. You can post your offer to the public by going on: https://www.reddit.com/r/bananomarket/

StickyBanano is a project created by @PK#3975, @Berry#8747, @Jayy#4215. The shop sells different kind of gadgets like Banano merch, electronics, books and more. The site is well built showing on top the exchange rate between $BAN and USD, so you can know what is the exact cost of the goods sold updated in real time. On the site you will find some educational information on how to buy and store your loved BAN. To find them you have to click on this link: https://stickybanano.cc there you will be able to find a lot of different products that will surely fulfill your needs.

LastCandleStudios’s project is the most recent example of how much value our monkeys in the community are able to create. The business, launched by Tigg Kazzuma MD, consists of a shop that sells miniature and 3D models printed in resin or sold as files. The shop has a wide choice of miniatures and models, but the key part of the project is a new payment method now available, BAN can be used as currency to buy all the products sold on the site.

The spirit of community can now take the form of a dragon of another mythical creature, the coin that we always have exchanged between other monkeys can now allow to obtain a new figure printed just for you, the process is easy:

  • Go on the LastCandleStudios Etsy site

  • Choose the product that you want

  • Write a message to @Tigg Kazzuma MD#0001 or write him on the Etsy site specifying:

  • Name of the miniature chosen

  • Size

  • If you want the miniature painted or not

  • He will send you the price to pay in BAN

  • And you will have only to add your address for the delivery

The value on the site is in FIAT currency, it will be converted in chat with the exact exchange rate of BAN.

Many other endeavors are currently under development, further updates will be surely given to show you what other opportunities are on the market.

A special thanks to @Lyzbot#3915 for the cover artwork.

If you want your last shop creation added to the article DM: @Trollime#3385 on BANANO Discord or write a comment and you will be contacted.

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