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Real Life Applications with Banano (Event Recap)

Hi it’s me tenflake, you probably never heard of me but let me start by telling you a couple things I did for/with banano since I first met with this beautiful community.

In 2019 I organised a real life hunting game in the city of Brussels. This marked the first real world Banano event.

In 2020 I organised a second IRL game (article 1 article 2) and it was a lot of fun, even more new monkeys got introduced to banano and they loved the idea of a rewarded treasure hunt using crypto in a super easy accessible and convenient way. Everyone was running around the city in order to find as many hidden banano as possible. Good times.

2021 marked the start of the JungleTV platform, which some of you out there are very familiar with. I don't have anything to do with that but lets just put it in the timeline.

In 2023, first in April and a second time in May. I organised a JTV takeover in a very cool Esports bar (tweet, bar website). For 2 hours people at the bar could use JTV and play their song the same way they would with a Jukebox.

Below was the 'control booth' minutes before we started the event:

Every time people at the bar ordered drinks (if they wanted to) they received a paper wallet with some banano to use to play a song.

The JTV takeover from a bar was super fun and the bar owner loved the idea hence why he let us use his bar for the experiment (twice!).

I wanted to document this event and share some pictures of the place in case it gives anyone ideas for future events and or projects.

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