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[EVENT] Banano World (Brussels): A Crypto Hunting Game

Written and Organized by: tenflake

Last year (in the context of a private event), the first ever real world crypto treasure hunt using Banano was organised for a select few.

The concept was simple: Hide paper wallets around town and get players to go on a hunt to find as many Banano as possible. Players had to be quick,as only the first one to find a QR-code could load its content onto their personal Kalium wallet.

Along with looking for codes, as soon as players collected enough Banano, they could start engaging in (chance-based) mini-games to win (or lose) the other player’s $BAN.

To make things even more interesting, at the end of the event, the player who managed to get the most banano was rewarded with one final grand prize!

The reception of the game was a great success and due to popular demand, I decided to hold a new edition of the game but this time, have the even available to the public.

This summer, on Saturday July 18th in the beautiful city of Brussels (Belgium), a new edition of the Banano World Treasure and Scavenger Hunt will be held.

This time, the Total Prize pool is OVER 100000 BAN, with special prizes going to the Top 3 Players. If you want to meet some awesome people and at the same time win lots of BANANO, then you won’t want to miss this!

Send your invitation request before July 16th to Tenflake on Discord, or DM the facebook page. Participants who wish to join must give a quick introduction about themselves and how they heard about the project.

There are tons of fun ways that you can get BAN into your wallet, so be sure to join us for this very exciting event!

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