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[NEWS] BANANO Opens Faucet During COVID-19 Crisis

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

As I am sure we can all attest, the past few weeks have shaken us all out of our normal routines. With the news of COVID-19 and nearly a worldwide quarantine, many monkeys are stuck in their homes. As a way of passing time and making a little crypto on the side, BANANO opened up its popular faucet game, Black Monkey, to the public.

Many monkeys took this as an opportunity to make some BAN and crush the boredom. Sacred Pig of BANANO and America’s sweetheart, Flightless Pig, was one of many notable users taking advantage of this 24 hour perio

Not to mention... Some of us have habits and afflictions to pay for... 🥓

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, bananonaut.

Ahh.. yes. Excellent observation, LuuHong. I’m sure there is lots of ploughing happening during the quarantine.

In the end, while it certainly has been a few weeks out of the ordinary, I am sure we can all agree and be grateful that amidst the chaos and uncertainty, BANANO remains a constant for all of us. The Daily Peel wishes everybody a safe, secure, and comfortable quarantine. Our team extends our best wishes to all those affected by this pandemic.

Want to learn more about Black Monkey, the popular Faucet Game that was voted BANANO’s Best Game/Distribution for 2019? Click here.

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