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BANANO Sundays: recap of the BANFam Community Call #24!

Here is a recap of what was talked about in sunday's Ban Fam Community Call #24 on discord (you can read this article if you don't know what a ban fam community call is!) Thanks again to u/irrelephantoops, u/soggyapplep, CT and everyone that took the stage! (u/Airtune, u/ghostcam0625, u/SSJ4Link, Enki, justine, Phantoad, u/majic2, u/Archtects, Betta Fish... and I'm sorry if I forgot anyone!)


  • Banano will run an event at DevCon Bogotá, october 11 to 14 (and future conventions too)! It's about giving people some Banano, and using those to teach them how to use cryptos (wallet, bridges, POAP...)! Volunteers needed, so if you're in the area and know how to use Banano, reach out to u/irrelephantoops!

  • The "Paranormal emoji contest" is running until october 5, submit your best entry for amazing Banano and NFT prizes! (peel link)

  • Poker Tournament on October 15! Stay tuned for the official announcement on the Daily Peel, coming this week with all the details!

  • Spooky Bango will be on october 19! Official announcement coming soon! You don't know what Bango is? It's the "Banano Bingo", learn how to play here: peel link!

  • The "Ink Your BanTober" challenge is on for the entire month of october! Grab your pen, your paper, and let's get drawing! (peel link)

  • monKeypicK'em is still running, we're at week 4 out of 22! Guess the result of NFL matches for Banano and NFT prizes! (peel link)

  • Mario Kart tournament... no additional info this time, but Phantoad PROMISED an announcement for the next community call! 👀

  • Want to attend the next Community Call? Type the command "-bananosundays" anywhere in the Banano discord server to be notified for future Banano Community Calls!

  • Want to add a topic to the agenda of the next Community Call? You can use the form in the #agenda-submissions channel of the Banano discord (at the very bottom of the channels list)

POAP (Proof-of-Attendance token) for attending Banano Sunday #24!

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