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BanFam Community Calls

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

The monKeys of the Jungle will be gathering. You should be one of them!

Banano is going to be hosting recurring* Community Calls live over voice. They will be hosted on Stage in the Discord server. All are welcome to attend!

The 2nd Community Call is being hosted at 15:00 UTC on July 20th 2021.

Hosted by Oops & SoggyApplePie

This week will be our first recorded Community Call so due to this we will be re-covering some beginner information as well as some of the more commonly known subject matter so that it can be shared with new comers. There will be periods for people to ask questions, as well as the opportunity to put up your hand anytime if a subject needs some more detail.

All attendees will be gifted a special NFT to prove they were in attendance of the call. You will need an Ethereum address to claim your reward.


Passed Calls:

The 1st Community Call was hosted at 15:00 UTC on July 6th 2021.

Hosted by Oops & SoggyApplePie

Have you ever wondered why 19? Or what's a Fanta? How to buy Banani on Beatrace?

This is going to be the call for you.

Soggy and Oops are going to be covering all the bases and answering questions. Learn tips and tricks for maximizing your experience within the Banano community. Walkthroughs on how to best take advantage of Banano the currency and it's ecosystem. How to use wBAN to make your exchange fund-transfering experience seamless and permissionless. There is going to be a lot of information being dropped.

We like our events, and you can bet we will be celebrating our first community call with style. Come hang out, listen in, learn, and the best of all: Put up your hand and ask questions of your own. We will take some time to answer them all and get BanFam in the know.

Since you've made it this far, here is a fun hint: Make sure you have an Ethereum address ready when you attend to receive a special surprise. 😉

*There is no determined date/time structure moving forward yet. We will be testing different times to see what best fits.

**We will be testing recording the event for those that missed it.

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