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Dungeons & Banano: Community Driven Text Adventures

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Everyone remembers reading those "Choose Your Own Adventures" books as kids and how fun they were! So why not develop a similar system but with a D&D twist that involves Banano rewards? Introducing the Community Driven Text Adventures! The Dungeon Master will create a text based story, allowing the audience a chance to participate and be given a chance to help make a decision in the story, changing the course on what happens next. The Dungeon Master will be writing and developing the story on the spot in a sense. There's an outline and a loose plot, but how you approach a choice, and if a dice roll is required (and depending on if the dice roll in your favor), will change what happens in the story. This means that the Dungeon Master will still need to type them out since they are not pre written, allowing for a story to be made not just by the Dungeon Master, but with the help of the community. In other wards, even the Dungeon Master wont know how the story will go!

There are a few ways that the audience will get a chance to participate in the story. -The Dungeon Master will choose the first participant for the story. After that, the nomination for subsequent players is either down to the current player, or if that fails, a community choice, or the first volunteer that hasn’t made a choice yet. -Most of the story choices will be up to the nominated player, however the Dungeon Master may ask for a community vote for anything concerning the protagonist’s history. -Additionally, the audience is welcome to suggest or ask choices outside of the given options that will be presented to them. Particularly inspired choices will give the group inspiration to use, giving an advantage on a check, save or attack. There may be some small rewards for creative ideas!

Rewards will be distributed out in various methods. The most common method will be for those participating in the story. Each participant in the story will receive 100 Ban each. There might be some other interesting ways to earn Banano during this event, but you will have to wait and see! Event can be found posted in the "Announcements" channel located on the Dungeons & Banano Discord Server.

Dungeons & Banano:

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