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[EVENT] A Banano Telltale Story

The Toadstool Events are back!! And what better way to do it than with an event for the whole community.

This time, we want you to let your artistic and creative side out by making a comic or manga related to the Banano world. Show your creativity with original characters and memorable stories.

We'll be giving away more than 50000 BANANO.

Begins: June 21

Ends: July 12

There are different categories in which you can participate:

* Children

* All ages

* Adult


- 1st place of each category is given temporary writers status on the Daily Peel so you can publish your work by yourself.

- 10000 BANANO for each 1st place.

- Four special random awards

- A split for all participants


- Create a comic or manga (max. 10 pages).

- Must include a cover.

- The story and drawings must be original.

- By hand or digitally.

- Color or black and white.

- Related to banano, the community or its members. - You may participate in more than one category; however, we advise that quality is more valuable than quantity. With that being said, go bananas!

How to Participate

- Make your comic/manga in the language of your preference but attach a document with the text to be able to translate it.

- Upload your comic to the #-contest-submissions-results in pdf, word or power point.

- Put the category and #BananoTelltaleStory in the message (Example: Children #BananoTelltaleStory)

Submit your comic/manga before the deadline (July 12). The results and prizes will be announced shortly after all submissions have been received and reviewed by judges.

On the Banano discord server you'll find the information translated in different languages in each jungle.

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1 Comment

Jun 23, 2020

Damn this is ambitious! Stoked to see what wild and wacky creations come from it hahah xD

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