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JungleTV New Year & BANAcademy Award Celebration

Updated: Jan 8, 2023


What is happening and why is it like this

JungleTV has only gone an' gosh darn won a dang BANAcademy Award for Best Distribution Method!

We’re kicking 2023 off as we mean to go on: with a whole bunch of events. We want to celebrate JungleTV’s top moments of 2022! We’ll also be looking forward to the endless possibilities that the New Year can bring, not only to the Jungle, but all the monkeys that reside within it!

Pay attention! Because we have some extra surprises along the way, the likes of which have NEVER BEFORE BEEN SEEN! on JungleTV Stay tuned...


Over the course of the next 5 days we will host various daily events, each one of 2 categories:


Let us gaze upon the past, and from it, milk any lessons we may happen upon

  • Plato, 2022

These events are centred around the year we’ve just left, appreciating the good things we have experienced, the lessons we've learned, and the fun times we’ve had.


An unrealised idea is but a nagging spectre in a world of perpetual boredom

  • Socrates, 2022

This set of events flips our collective gaze towards the New Year, and should result in a Queue full of knowledge to help us all thrive in the new year, in whatever way we please!


Event TLDRs

Mon 2nd

BANAcademy Awards Afterparty

Tues 3rd

Tuba Tunesday

Wed 4th

New Year, New We

Thu 5th

Hobby Hub

Fri 6th

Mystery Box Reveal

The upcoming events will be explained in due course, so keep an eye on our Twitter, on, and in this article! Banano is going to be available for each event, but also, word on the street is that we have stacks of cryptomonKeys to share with you all, just for hanging out in chat or watching vids (as well as participation in events)!

Completed events are marked with

BANAcademy Awards Afterparty (Mon 19:00 UTC)


Let’s have an afterparty to celebrate our BANAcademy awards win! Share a video or track which is particularly memorable for you, that played on JungleTV during 2022! You can win 25 BAN for each entry, up to 3 entries! The only restrictions is that it has to have played this year last year (2022). No trendsetters pls. No OC only. Tunesday-Style Event Rules

Tuba Tunesday (Tues 19:00 UTC)

Reflect Bonus: - Tunesday Explorer!

Business as usual! You know the drill by now! Our theme is Tuba Tunesday (or any Brass Instrument). EnQ up to 3 in-theme entries, win 25 Ban for each! Tunesday-Style Event Rules

New Year, New We (Wed 19:00 UTC)


This year is the year we break through our mortal shackles and finally gain control over that pesky willpower! Do you want to get stronger? Change your eating habits? Maybe it's not your belt you want to tighten, but your purse strings? Organise your life to run like clockwork? EnQ >20 minutes of media to explain your New Year’s Resolution or how you plan to achieve it, and win 100 Ban! 20-Minute Event Rules

Hobby Swap (Thurs 11:00 & 19:00 UTC)


Do you want to learn something new? The world is chock-full of awesome hobbies, ripe for the picking and fresh for the taking. Tell us what you want to learn this year, and show us some media to get those interested monkes started! We will be opening a window TWICE for this event, for all those who live elsewhere in the world and can't quite make it to our normal times! 20-Minute Event Rules

What’s in the Mystery Box? (Fri 19:00 UTC)


The mystery box will open (has been opened!) on this day, but also Keep an eye on our Twitter account, @JungleTV_live, because we will have a small giveaway there too, you can win by sharing a fond 2022 JungleTV memory!


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