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Updated: Apr 12, 2020

The Daily Peel has obtained photographic evidence that DJ KHALED, the world famous DJ and Weight Watchers spokesperson, may be part of the BanFam!

On Tuesday, as cameras flashed on what would be the music mogul’s last red carpet strut for awhile, paparazzi caught a candid moment with KHALED when he looked at his phone and audibly gasped. It was not immediately clear what caused the reaction, but a Daily Peel investigation has revealed some ripe details.

After obtaining exclusive rights to photos from many different angles of the incident, The Daily Peel can confirm that we think a push notification from Banano's mobile wallet KALIUM is what stunned the Turbo Tax spokesperson.


One lucky photographer was perfectly positioned to snap this photo


If true, it means that not only is Papa Bless part of the #BanFam but he's also receiving whale level transactions.

The Daily-Peel scoured the creeper for transactions around the time the photo was taken and has found a 10 Million $BAN transaction involving an address with an address starting with ban_djkhaled. We have decided to withhold the rest of the address to preserve his account anonymity but will reveal that the associated MonKey is custom - which confirms that DJ Khaled is indeed friends with our very own YEKTA!!!

When reached for comment, nobody would confirm that DJ KHALED is a BANANO holder. Although a well known Key To Success is a financial portfolio filled with ripe, meme fueled, potassium rich alts coins. 🔑🍌🔑🍌🔑🍌

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