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Meet the Monkeys #1: Mayor Bancelot

Welcome, Monkeys big and small!

My name’s Jan, but you might know me better as Asmodeusz. I’m one of the newer members of the community and joined the Daily Peel crew just recently, but the one thing I was able to learn about Banano so far is that it’s all about the community.

Because of that, we are launching a new interview cycle called “Meet the monkeys” where you will be able to get to know some of the more prominent members of the Banano community.

So come closer, grab yourself a banana and sit with me and our first guest, Mayor Bancelot!

Asmo: Welcome, it’s really bantastic to have you here as our first guest! Could you introduce yourself a little bit to our readers?

Mayor: Hello! I'm Mayor Bancelot! I hail from the good 'ol southeastern United States - home of blue laws, church steeples, low-education and hi-cholesterol! I love it here. I am 35 years old. My current role in the community is a moderator for r/Banano, a Fanta for the Jungle (Banano Discord), and a SupermonKey for the cryptomonKeys NFT project! I have a degree in media production. I currently run a video production company, am a hopeless entrepreneur, and am currently looking to take on a role as creative director at somewhere amazing soon. This feels like a dating profile already.... is this for OnlyBans?

A: I'm sorry, I know it's always weird to talk about yourself like that, but it's best that our readers have the full information.

Your nickname is Mayor Bancelot, can you tell us how you came up with that? Are you an aspiring knight?

M: Bancelot actually developed from a previous username. Obviously BAN had to get in there, right? Evolve or die... or something like that.

A: Do you have any hobbies or interests?

M: I have a LOT of hobbies. My personality is sporadic, so I find myself jumping from one thing to the next fairly often. I've changed careers about every 10 years, and hobbies every 2-3. My current "digs" are fishing, NFTs, and doing dad stuff.

A: When did you learn about Banano and when did you join the community?

M: I found Banano through r/CC sometime last year. Someone posted about the community and how fun it was (plus the free crypto), and when I arrived at r/Banano, I felt like I was at home. It was also a great way to build Karma for posting on other subreddits. I think I joined the Discord around December 2021.

A: Did you participate in any other communities before this?

M: Certainly! I was/am big in r/Algorand and some other Reddit communities, but mainly I've been building my business and focusing on personal growth and family, so not a TON of time on the internet... until Banano, of course.

A: You are the face of the cryptomonKeys YouTube channel, how did that start?

M: That happened because I applied for a position that was posted by cryptomonKeys.

I submitted a video audition, and the rest is history.

A: Did you have any previous YouTube/TV experience before that? Do you run any other channels on YouTube or other social media?

M: Being in marketing, I have worked with a TON of agencies/organizations over the last 13 years, and made thousands of videos. I didn't have any real experience in front of the camera, but that's developing. All my years of coaching others how to speak on camera has paid off to some extent. I still don't have hair, though…

A: You may not have hair, but the beard is MIGHTY! The videos on the cryptomonKeys channel are in crisp quality, did you set up a home studio for that?

M: For those I'm using a combination of a small podcasting studio in my office and my kitchen. Eventually, I plan to have a more permanent setup, and thus, more consistent content.

A: In my opinion, cryptomonKeys are wacky, cute and wholesome and they fit the vibe of the Banano community really well, would you agree?

M: I totally agree! AND, I'm not just saying that for fear that Bantano is watching. Free distribution is an AMAZING thing that most wouldn't dare to try. Of course the cards are cute and well-made. But free and fairly distributed NFTs fits perfectly with freely and fairly distributed crypto, I think.

A: As you said yourself in one of your videos, “both Banano and cryptomonKeys are really great stepping stones to the cryptocurrency realm as well as the NFT realm”. Could you explain why for the readers that may be unfamiliar or new?

M: Absolutely. Crypto is hard. There are so many coins/tokens, wallets, exchanges, fees, etc. Not to mention addresses and transaction IDs that are a thousand characters long! Until it's easier for the average user, free entry is a GREAT, risk-free way for someone to learn about all of those things before trying their hand at collecting or investing. Having no transaction fees is pretty great too.

A: What do you think differentiates our community from other cryptos?

M: You said it - COMMUNITY. The other communities are so investment focused. Everyone is constantly talking about the market and price action. Banano and cryptomonKeys are so wholesome and friendly. Anyone can join, and once they do, they make a new friend or two nearly instantly. It's just such a great place.

A: What is your favorite part of the Banano space except the NFTs?

M: My favorite part of the Banano ecosystem is the user base. I've only been here since December, but I really LOVE the folks that I get to interact with daily. They make it all worth it.

A: How do you feel about the future of the Banano and cryptomonKeys communities?

M: BULLISH! How do you fail when nobody talks about or cares about the price? We just keep collecting, tipping, raining, dropping, memeing and mining! The teams are SO TALENTED and devoted. I mean that, too. We have DEPTH in this space, and the leadership has done an incredible job of finding folks that not only care and want to contribute, but have the ability to build and position the brand for future growth. Banano/cryptomonKeys are unstoppable.

A: What are your plans for the future? Any new projects or events coming up?

M: I plan on continuing to make content for cryptomonKeys/Banano and help wherever I am able. The team is constantly trying to make these communities a place that people want to be and want to return to, so stay tuned for more stuff in the future.

Thank you so much for your time! I hope our fellow Monkeys got to know you better and will enjoy your content even more.

Reminder for everyone, you can find the cryptomonKeys YouTube channel right here, please stop by to watch the latest news about the project and subscribe to keep up with the cryptomonKeys ecosystem!

Shoutout to the team! They are incredible, talented and patient! It's so much fun to be here. Thank you all.

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