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[NEWS] Offer and Complete Bounties on r/bananojobs

The Daily Peel welcomes the rerelease of r/bananojobs, the best bounty platform for all things BANANO. No longer will you be selling your skills for cash that smells as questionable as the history of the hands it has been in. No longer will you be offering a sacrificial lamb to have a logo drawn for your new startup. The days of writing your own scholarly papers and articles are over. This is your time to flex your inner freelancer and advertise/complete odd jobs for crypto!

We have already seen an interesting few jobs since the platform’s rerelease, including getting paid to play video games, translate content, and .. oh, lookie here, write and/or illustrate for The Daily Peel.

We interrupt this announcement to remind you that The Daily Peel pays for your articles and illustrations - submit content to The Daily Peel today!

What’s cool about r/bananojobs is that it gives monkeys all over the world the opportunity to delegate work and complete bounties for prices that they decide. We expect to see even more jobs posted while the reddit community continues to grow. It is an open forum that already offers tons of options, and the possibilities can be just as endless as the profits!

Whether you’re looking to make a little (or a lot of) extra crypto, or looking to get a job completed, r/bananojobs should be your go-to platform!

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May 24, 2020

Hey elio, go and hangout on our discord server at if you’re not already there!


elio morillo
elio morillo
May 23, 2020


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