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[NEWS] Kron Win the Marbles April Grand Prix!

A month full of fun, suspense, joy, and a lot of rekt has come to an end with the conclusion of the Marbles April Grand Prix.

The host of the event, none other than the Wizard Trigger Haven, started the last day of racing that came with a minimal point difference between the two fastest balls of the month, Arksun and Kron, who were defining the first place in the championship. What was expected to be an extremely even war, ended up being an overwhelming victory for Kron who took all the power out of his balls and had a successful day.

Arky watched Kron took a quick advantage by taking podiums consecutively as he constantly visited the death valley.

Finally, in a race full of setbacks that saw most of the participants be eliminated, a second place sealed the victory and awarded Kron the first place in the championship. Arksun had to settle for second place and, in a surprising result, Elvirtugrana managed to beat Trigger Haven by one point and took third place.

It has been a marvelous month, and "The Marbles May Grand Prix" will begin soon™; so, if you want to participate in one of the most popular activities and get some BANANO, you are all invited to Trigger Haven’s Twitch channel where all the action will take place.

Congratulations to Kron, Arksun and Elvirtugrana and thank you very much to all the participants for making this event one of the most visited by the banano community... and hey, polish and prepare your balls because ¡¡The action is about to start again!!

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