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[NEWS] Kuyumcu: A new way to trade Banano [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Some of you may have heard of it, some of you have already used it. After 2 weeks of public beta testing and final refinements of the design, a new service is now available to the BANANO user community: Kuyumcu.

But what exactly is it and who is behind the development of it?

To answer these questions and bring to our readers all information about the latest and greatest addition to the BANANO ecosystem, I took the opportunity to talk to the developer of the service himself.

Kuyumcu Dev Interview

sebrock|42: Hello. Who are you and how did you first hear about Banano?

Yusuf: Hi, I am Yusuf from Turkey. It was two years ago, in 2018, I was excited about how Nano is working so efficiently. Having zero fees and sending money instantly, that is how a cryptocurrency should be. I started to search for a fork of Nano. Then I saw BANANO. Since then, I have been following both the Nano and Banano communities.

sebrock|42: Cool. So, you have been around since the beginnings. What is Kuyumcu and how was the idea for it born? Yusuf: Kuyumcu is a cryptocurrency Atomic Swap Service. You can buy and sell Banano and Nano there, instantly and without fees. When you translate it from Turkish, Kuyumcu means “Jeweler”.

The initial idea was to create a decentralized exchange.

sebrock|42: Wow. So, users don´t have to use an Exchange to get $BAN for $NANO. That´s very cool! Why did you choose Banano and what makes Kuyumcu special?

Yusuf: Because both Banano and Nano are feeless and are green currencies, without the need for a lot of energy consumption to run nodes and perform transactions.

And not only that, the communities are awesome as well. They always help and support each other.

sebrock|42: These are certainly good reasons. You are so right about the community. I love the BANANO jungle, too. Do you have plans for further development of Kuyumcu?

Yusuf: Kuyumcu is currently working dependently on its own Banano and Nano nodes running on the same server. Independence from that by connecting to external nodes is the next target now, so that we can move forward to more decentralization.

sebrock|42: Decentralization of services in the BANANO ecosystem obviously is very welcome. I am excited to see that happen and I am sure our readers are looking forward to seeing this enhancement as well.

Yusuf, before concluding the interview, is there anything else you would like to tell the Banano community?

Yusuf: I am open to any suggestions from the community to make Kuyumcu better day by day. I hope the readers like the idea of Kuyumcu. Thanks a lot for the interview!

sebrock|42: It was a pleasure talking to you. Have a great day!


So, there we have it: The first ever Atomic Swap Service for BANANO. I hope you enjoyed this interview.

By the way, if you are unsure how to pronounce it, here is the phonetic transcription of Kuyumcu: [kʰu̟ju̟mdʒu]

You can access Kuyumcu at The service is extremely easy to use. Instructions and more Info about Kuyumcu are available in the FAQ at

Tell us about your user experience and thoughts about Kuyumcu in the comments section.

Should you have ideas for improvement you can reach out to Yusuf on the BANANO Discord Chat server.

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1 comentário

09 de jun. de 2020

Awesome interview and a very cool project. Thank you both for helping to enlighten our community!!

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