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[NEWS] Lucky Monkey’s 420 Ticket Wins Them Over 200k BAN [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

It was a long anticipated 30 days in April while the Jungles watched the Johnny Marijuanna Seeds Mega Super 420 Giveaway’s Huge Pot grow to over double its original size (almost reaching a whopping quarter of a million BANANO), and waited to find out who would be the lucky monkey to take it home.

The winner was selected completely at random by a Magic Spinning Wheel and announced in the late hours of April 30th. The sponsor of the 420 Pot, Czernobog, was also the gracious host to announce the winner (because Soggy fell asleep with her phone on her face).

The Daily Peel managed to catch BANANO’s newest baby whale and giveaway winner, Artemis#6356, for a brief interview.

Not wanting to overwhelm the overnight celebrity before the big moment in the spotlight, we told them essentially to take it easy, be themselves, and answer the questions to the best of their ability.

Like a true winner and without skipping a beat, Artemis responded,

“No need to be funny when you’re rich and as good looking as me”

before adding, “I hope we started the interview already. Not sure if I’ll say something funnier than that.”

No, Artemis. The interview hadn’t started yet.. but thankfully the Peel tapes are always rolling.



Soggy: Congratulations on your big win. You must feel pretty good.

Artemis: Thanks. It does feel pretty good. I’ve never won any contests let alone one with that big of a prize.

Soggy: It did end up being a big prize. The total pot more than doubled thanks to all the tickets bought! How many tickets did you buy?

Artemis: I bought the max amount of the tickets. I think it was 9. I wasn’t expecting to win. Just wanted to increase the pot for other people. Sounds too altruistic but that was my motivation!

(We didn’t have the heart to tell Artemis the max amount was 10. Thankfully, being competent in math was not necessarily a prerequisite for this giveaway)

Soggy: You won over 200,000 BAN, which could be worth millions of dollars someday. What is the first thing you will spend your winnings on?

Artemis: I think I’d buy a big house somewhere secluded. I’ll hold my winnings until then. The next thing would be a statue to BANANO, which made me that rich.

Soggy: Hell yes. Ode de Banano. I like it. Is there anything you want to say to all the hopeful monkeys out there who will likely never win anything as significant or as interesting as this?

Artemis: I’m sure something good will happen in your simple boring lives. Not as big as winning 200k of course, but don’t lose hope. Later losers. Hue hue hue


All jokes aside, Artemis was a very humble winner and rained some of their winnings for the active Citizens.


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