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[HELP] Submit an Article for The Daily Peel

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Do you feel passionate about a topic or issue, but don’t know where to say it, or who to say it to? Maybe you have a meme or something funny you want to share, or you didn’t see the content you were looking for. Why not write an article and submit it for The Daily Peel?

Our aim with this project is to be a way for the community to stay updated and share their thoughts, stories, and experiences. We want you to express yourself, make suggestions, seek change if you are confident in your ideas, and most importantly - not let your memes be dreams. Don’t be shy! We dont bite.. unless you’re banana flavoured.


How to Submit an Article for The Daily Peel:

1. Write your article

which includes:

- A Title

- Your Name

- A body of text on a topic of your choice

- Hashtags


2. Upload it to The Daily Peel

1. Click the Contact tab at the top of the page

2. Under Article Submission, fill in your Username and click ‘Continue’

3. Fill in the available spaces with the title of your article and the text that belongs with it, and click ‘Continue’

4. Upload an image to be the cover of your article, and click ‘Submit’!

5. You’re done! Thanks for submitting to The Daily Peel! Our team will review your article and post it as soon as possible!

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