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Banano confirmed its 10 millionth block today (May 11th 2020)!

It marks a huge milestone for Ban Fam! As we grow quickly, it's good to know that we have a network that can keep up with all the madness. We hit 10 million blocks in just over two years! Which also conveniently coincided perfectly with Bitcoin's Block Reward Halving that also happened today. Bantano posted a fancy new article on publish0x that did the math for us. That's roughly 6000 transactions per day! Thank you sub-second transaction times <3

There was quite the party throughout the day. The rains were plenty and the chats were going at an almost unreadable speed. The lucky monkeys who were active at the time were all splashed with at least several thousand doses of potassium.

That is A LOT of .brains! Right now let's take a brief moment and appreciate the real hero here.

We love you bananobot++

This little guy works so hard for us. Bbot handles quite a bit of abuse (shout out to Maffs for single-handedly strong-arming our way to 10 million!) and keeps on keeping on. Through all the spam, rains, .banrandoms, .b 1s, and everything else, bbot always gets it done and at a pace most other cryptocurrencies could only dream of. Thank you bbot, for all the fun that you bring <3 Thank you to banano, and ban fam, and our amazingly fast and instant network, and our teams of people who work so hard to make Banano the incredible thing it is today. You're all amazing! Bbot is the best though. #news #junglenews #oops #bananobot

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