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BANANO Sundays: recap of the BANFam Community Call #26!

Here is a recap of what was talked about in sunday's Ban Fam Community Call #26 on discord (you can read this article if you don't know what a ban fam community call is!) Thanks again to u/irrelephantoops, u/soggyapplep, and everyone that took the stage! (u/SSJ4Link, Justine, Phantoad... and I'm sorry if I forgot anyone!)


  • Want a recap of what happened last month? Check out the BANANO Monthly Update #54! (blog link)

  • The Horror stories on cryptomonKeys contest is ending soon. Make sure to submit your entry before the October 30 deadline! (peel link)

  • The Ink Your BanTober challenge is also reaching its end on October 31! (peel link)

  • The Creepy Costume + Monster Makeup Contest will end a bit later on November 1! (peel link)

  • The Haunted Mansion Bash party will take place on October 31! Spooky music party + Trivia with Ban and NFT prizes to be won! (peel link)

  • Sports Pick'em events: guess sport results, get BAN and NFT rewards! We have a new NBA pickem! New ones are in the work or are being considered (World Cup, Football ⚽ leagues, Cricket...). We already have NFL, NHL, MLB (entries now closed for the MLB)! Links: NBA article, NFL article, NHL article, MLB article

  • The BANAcademy Awards 2022 announcement will be published on the daily peel in the first week of November. Keep your eyes peeled!

  • The Mario Kart Tournament announcement will be published on the daily peel on November 1! Some early details: 80 participants divided in 8 groups. The Top 3 get to the next round. The final round is 12 laps, other rounds are 6 laps!

  • Phantoad... bring back the :banhehehe: emoji or RIOT 🔥🪑🔥

  • Feliz cumpleaños Mayrodz!

  • Ever noticed that the Banano price on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap is sometimes wrong? Blame the txbit exchange. It's sending wrong prices and wrong volumes to the price aggregators

  • Want to attend the next Community Call? Type the command "-bananosundays" anywhere in the Banano discord server to be notified for future Banano Community Calls!

  • Want to add a topic to the agenda of the next Community Call? You can use the form in the #agenda-submissions channel of the Banano discord (at the very bottom of the channels list)

POAP (Proof-of-Attendance token) for attending Banano Sunday #26!

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