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Dear BanGran: JULY

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Your sassy and straight up source of wisdom is here, and she’s got some tea to spill.

Dear BanGran: Why do my cupcakes taste like muffins?

Dear Muffins,

Make sure you are using CAKE mix and don't forget to ice those suckers. No one likes a naked cupcake.

Dear BanGran: I feel like I make very unattractive faces while I orgasm. What do I do?

Dear Unattractive,

If I believed in god this would be their practical joke! Why we make the same face when we are in excruciating pain as when we are the thralls of pleasure, I will never understand. And as for you, own those crazy faces — we all make ’em.

Dear BanGran: What is love?

Dear Love,

Baby don't hurt me.

Dear BanGran: Where do all my socks keep going?

Dear Socks,

It is a well-known fact that socks are the required sacrifice to the dryer monster so they do not burn down your house.

Dear BanGran: How do I talk to my family about my Banano obsession?

Dear Obsession,

Do not speak, only submit. Banano is life!

Dear BanGran: At some point in life can we be free from social oppressors?

Dear Oppressors,

This is only due a serious answer. I believe so, but it requires unending work, constant examination of one's privileges, willingness to be uncomfortable and challenged in personal and public spaces, and a serious commitment to dismantling the public institutions that uphold inequality.

Random Bit of BanGran Advice, from BanGran herself, to all of you:

“As always dear readers, remember: if you are trying to get that special someone to swipe right, change all your tinder settings to match their profile and sit a couple of blocks away from their house.”


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Aug 02, 2020

I'm looking forwarding to having cupcakes and not muffins


Jul 31, 2020

Yes. You did not disappoint Dear BanGran. That was fantastic and I have much to meditate on. Thank you.

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