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Dungeons & Banano: Live Community One-Shot Sessions!

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Calling all D&D fans! While the Dungeons & Banano main story is underway (Following the adventures of Bananbe the barbarian, Kit the warlock, and Bani the rogue) we are also opening up the story world to new players! I'm Zanefold, your host and dungeon master, and I'd like to invite you to the Cryptolands - Introducing "Community One-Shot Sessions"!

These sessions will allow new and experienced players to get into a one time event in the Cryptolands; full of danger, excitement, and Banano, lots of Banano... All you have to do is show up and have a microphone! Experienced players might be saying -"How do I get to play the Dungeons & Banano community one-shot without making a character sheet?" Great question! The Dungeons & Banano server has a channel named "one-shot-character-sheets" with pre-made, ready-to-go, characters to choose from. Check them out before the live session in case you are chosen - Then you'll be ready too jump in and stab things ASAP (or not stab, restraint is sometimes cool too)! Disclaimer - some one-shot sessions might require you to play a specific class based on the story that night. "Why do I have to select a pre-made character sheet, can't I just make my own?" It can take hours to make a character from scratch, and since this is a one-shot, it's gonna be quick and dirty. We want to get as much time out of the session as possible because once the session is over, so is the adventure. The next one-shot will have a new set of adventurers and new things to stab (again, or not stab, restraint can be a form of roleplaying too)! Head to the announcement channel (dnb-announcements) in the Dungeons & Banano discord server to find out when the next live session will be taking place (Link: Dungeons & Banano Discord Server). Bring and umbrella because there will be ban airdrops. If you are not a member of the main Banano discord server, please join us by clicking on this link: Banano Main Discord Server. Please make sure to read the "getting-started" and "rules" channels. You can also follow me on Twitter! @zanefold

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