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Jungle Fanta FAQ

Ambassadors, creators, role models, meme magicians, and potassium powered shitposters - Jungle Fanta - is an honor bestowed upon citizens that champion the Banano coin, culture, and community. Read ahead to learn all about it!

What are the Benefits of Jungle Fanta?

- You get to flex a fancy colored profile name!

- You are granted access to exclusive, deep in the jungle, off the grid, hidden channels: #Banspiracy and #Treehouse! Banspiracy is where XXXTOPSECRETXXX and Treehouse could best be explained as XXXTOPSECRETXXX.

- You gain the ability to add specific roles to highlight your skills and contributions to the community.

Content Creation Roles

All Content Creation roles come with their own exclusive channel for organizing and managing projects and contributions within their specific craft.

Artist - Vincent Ban Gogh, Michelbangelo, and SoggyApplePie. The history of Banano art is rich with memes, stickers, emojis, profile pictures, website art, paintings, and NFTs!

Def Ban Records - For people who create potassium filled songs, background music, sound effects (and more), specifically about or for the Banano community. Check out these jungle jams.

Animator - Producing and rendering high quality GIFs and animated graphics, from monKeys to Bebes to remaking all that Tenor has to offer, and beyond!

Videographer - Bringing BANANO business to the big screen. Shooting, editing, and adding effects to video/film, long and short.

Writer - Contributing to the many news and blog outlets such as The Daily Peel, Publish0x, Medium, and more. Writing, copy editing, and proofreading articles, blogs, scripts, and stories for Banano announcements, developments, events, and other media.

Community Engagement Roles

All Community Engagement roles come with their own exclusive channel for organizing and managing projects and contributions within their specific craft.

DJ - Monkeys like to party, and there’s no party without music! This role grants special commands to the Rythm bot. Banano DJs can do things such as control music speed, move songs in the queue and even remove a troll’s songs.

Translator - There’s nothing better to integrate all of the Jungle Embassies than their original language. If you’re not familiar with English but want to be up to date with all the Banano info, don’t worry, these hard working monkeys are doing their best at translating articles so you can comfortably enjoy the content.

Wiki Helper - Wiki Helpers are busy bees, collecting information and writing articles for the Banano wiki. From uploading images to creating infoboxes, they do all the work to make the wiki an excellent source of information for both newcomers and long-time monkeys. On Banano Labs, there is a #wiki channel where the helpers nest. This is the place for them to discuss everything related to our encyclopedia. The channel is open for everyone to see and non-Wiki Helpers can freely contribute to the conversation. If you have any ideas or precious information, don’t hold back and join them in the lab! Wiki Helpers don’t have any special powers or privileges, but they are loved and admired by the wiki enjoyers.

Marketing - These are the people responsible for curating and organizing promotional material in the jungle. They provide engaging content, love sharing with others, and do their part to help get the word out there for events. They often work closely with the social media crew and coordinate to make sure no one misses out on the wonderful activities that happen around the jungle.

Social Media - You probably love Banano, and probably love Social Media too, so why not enjoy them both together? These monkeys are content creators interested in fun and organic community growth. They bring more potassium to Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and all your favorite apps!

Builder Roles

Frontend Dev - Elaborate a functional design through specific coding languages

Discord Dev - Responsible for bots used in the Discord Servers

Backend Dev - Makes sure everything works just fine with server structures.

Project Dev - Responsible for managing a project with Discord Devs, Frontend Devs and Backend Devs

Veteran - You have the battle scars. You’ve seen things. And now you are wiser because of it. You have a drive to pass that wisdom down to the younger generation. Oh great wise ape, sit down by the campfire and regale us with the stories of old...

How to Earn Fanta

There is no specific formula to earning Fanta. It is generally given to active users that

contribute significantly to special projects and demonstrate a commitment to the positive growth of the coin, culture, and community. Each Fanta has their own unique and amazing path to glory, what will yours be?

Some examples:

- Facilitating contests and events

- Building faucets and other useful tools

- Design/Programming

- Writing articles and educational pieces

- Promoting Banano inside and outside of our main communities

- Loyalty and long time support

- Generosity - Giving time, effort and attention to the community through welcoming, educating, and assisting members new and old.

Each citizen is individually considered according to their strengths and contributions. We encourage new ideas and creativity - the only limit is only your imagination!

Jungle Fanta is a vote-in role, a citizen must be nominated by (usually) 3 or more current Fanta. Once they have been nominated, the Fanta Fam sits down together to share a bowl (of bananas) while they consider the nominee’s contributions, behaviour, and influence within the community. After deliberation, the final decision is made by a Community Manager.

Once knighted, Fanta are expected to live and uphold the values of the community while staying focused, positive and productive. #Banspiracy should be a fountain of teamwork and fresh ideas. The only acceptable FUD is @ChocolateFUDcake. Keep in mind the Fanta role is not for everyone. Community Managers will, at their discretion, review and demote people who no longer fit the role or are inactive for a ridiculous amount of time.



No beg friendo, stay active and positive. Look for opportunities to contribute your skills to the community. Fanta are generally driven, enthusiastic, and self-motivated. Be yourself and tap into your potassium reserves!

If I tip a lot of BAN can I be Fanta?

Tipping BAN is a big part of Banano culture, but plays a smol role in evaluating a citizen for Fanta. We want big hearts and big minds, wallet size does not matter.

Do Fanta get any mod powers?


Do Fanta get any celery?

No. but there are allowances funded on an "as-needed" basis. Funding can be granted for projects, events, and other initiatives. The community managers are also trying to reward people when possible with bounties and other incentives.

Questions? Suggestions? Feel like typing Benis? Leave us a message in the comments below...

Contributing Writers



Very Cute Cat

Champ Rockwell


Contributing Artists


Grand Moff Monkey



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Just felt the need to write Benis

Also love you all ❤


Sep 07, 2021

Awesome article guys!


Sep 05, 2021

they say that the third time is the charm, so... BENIS!


I don't know who're in the Fanta Fam but I practically run the Banano🍌Clan (( you have to be a registered user to see it I think)) solo at Torum, the crypto social media. I have been producing NFTs🖼️ ( & awarding those fodling up to 100 WU for F@H under the Team Banano🍌banner at Torum. I don't spend a lot of time⏳on the Discord channel but I am a citizen. I do my socialising at JungleTV📺 ∵ getting a reply to even a "Hello" from someone in #🌴-the-jungle is next to pointless. Anywho, I'm

not begging but I would like some recognition for the work I've been putting in for months.

I'm StellaKnocker⛏🐀#1496

I can't really talk about what…

Sep 07, 2021
Replying to

I can confirm Stella is socializing at Jungle TV. 🍌

I am interested in acquiring 1 each of your NFT collection.

I'll ping you at Discord.

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