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DefBan Records Presents: Jungle Jams

Monkeys are good at making music. Here are some Banano beats that have been cooked up by the community. Enjoy!

Here is some of their Creations: Banano by Super Betta Fish A song from Banano's early days with excellent lyrics and good delivery. We're looking to see Feesh perform this again live in Tahiti in the near future.

Banano Discordia by Arksun ft. BanFam A cleverly mashed up collection of voice clips recorded during a Banano Voice Chat and turned into music. There are many guest features and surprise appearances throughout Discordia.

Here are some mp3 files from the upcoming unreleased CD: DefBan Records Presents - Big Shiny Bananos

Arksun - BanAdvert
Download MP3 • 1.29MB
Arksun - Banano Discordia
Download MP3 • 8.02MB
Vagante - Banano Jungle
Download MP3 • 4.22MB
SoggyApplePie - The Soggy P Rap ft. Arksun
Download MP3 • 1.32MB

Banano's community is filled with creativity and this is purely the tip of the Peel. There are many more music files out there by all kinds of talented (and questionable) artists. We at the Daily Peel hope to showcase this talent, and will try to update this post as future Banano Bangers are created. If you or someone you know has vocal chords that enjoy vibrating out the sweet sweet sound of potassium, the Peel is here to help spread the word. Also if you feel like blessing your eardrums be sure to check out the constant flow of Karaoke and other Voice chat related events in Banano Discord for your chance to be inluded in this Banano Musical Hall of Fame.

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