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[GOSSIP] BB8 Preggo?

As of this morning the jungle has been *hot* with anticipation for more information pending the rumours that the one and only BB8 - soon to be BB9 - may infact be eating for two.

Some premature fiesta has already begun, suggestions for the baby name already bouncing around from monkey to monkey. My personal favourite thus far: "Sapegato", the words coming from the mother-to-be herself. Though, as sneaky as ever, this name does not provide any hints as to the gender of the jungle’s incoming infant. I leave the speculation to you, the reader, and bid you join us on discord for more furious debating while we all wait and ask ourselves: Wen Bannouncement?


PS: Sebs has so far declined to interview for this article, which is only adding fuel to the fire of our burning imaginations.....


...if so...?

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