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[GOSSIP] Nknown Leaving Crime Behind?

Notorious naughty monkey nknown has spent his first 24 hours arrest free and out of bantanamo jail in over 365 days. With their free time, the BRPD managed to take down an alt ring, ban 19000 spammers, and solve world botting.

Could this hiatus from trouble-making be a sign nknown is changing his bad banano ways? The Daily Peel says unlikely. Sources report that he hasn’t left his life of online crime behind. According to an insider tip, the winner of the 2019 Most Likely to Get Arrested Award got his benis stuck in a keyhole and couldn’t reach his phone. Nknown is expected to be back out and swinging in no time, and the BANANO Republic is urged to be on the lookout.

Note: This is satire. All Gossip articles relating to individuals and/or events published on The Daily Peel are fictional and for memeing purposes only.

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1 Comment

Apr 02, 2020

Genius! He should drink water, tho

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