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[GOSSIP] Rai of Sunshine Elopes with Vietnamese Dream Girl?

Something has changed in the BANANO Republic. For many days now, even while the weather has been beautiful, there has been a serious lack of sunshine — Rai of Sunshine, that is. It has been almost 3 weeks since the disappearance of the Jungle’s favourite grump, so the Peel team decided to send an undercover reporter out to the deep mountains of Vietnam.

Our unverified source told The Daily Peel that they saw Rai of Sunshine riding a motorbike down a popular Vietnamese freeway - but not flipping his usual middle finger. Apparently he was seen riding with an unidentified woman, with empty bottles of viagra rattling behind him and a Just Married sign attached to his back plate.

Could it be that Rai of Sunshine has finally found his Vietnamese Dream Girl? Will he ever return to the Jungle and tell Soggy off again?

All we can say is, we really hope so.

From The Daily Peel Team and I’m sure the many monkeys of BANANO: we miss you Rai. Come back soon.

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2 commentaires

10 juin 2020

We are sure they will come out of the womb scowling just like their Dad


08 juin 2020

I miss him but I wish him all the best of luck and many little sunshine offspring! 🤩

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