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Introducing BananoMiner Watch V1.3.1 "Bonobo"

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Today I want to tell you about the product of the collaboration of more than 20 jungle monkeys from all around the world.

A truly global effort and testament to the collaborative and vivid community that Banano has.

Over the last 4 weeks we have created something really cool and useful for everyone who is donating their CPU power to the folding@home medical research programme in exchange for $BAN (Click here to learn more).

It started with a Reddit Post

But let´s rewind 4 weeks. It all started with this Reddit post by a potassium lover from Brazil who had the idea to make a browser extension to get a quick view at his stats and earnings with just one click at an icon instead of having to go to two websites and query an API that does not reply with something easily read by a human:

Intrigued by the usefulness of that I went ahead and installed this manually in my Chrome browser.

It worked great (well not all numbers made sense at first and the optical appearance was not too appealing) and I reached out to André to discuss what could be improved.

He was very pleased to see the interest of many of the nerdy monkeys usually hanging out in #⛏banano-mining and shortly thereafter him and I were working on improving the functionalities and look of the thing.

The finished Product

The version I am presenting to you today looks like this:

Now, you might notice that you see German words there. That´s because my browser is set to German.

14 Languages in 10 Days!

"But we are not German, we speak English, Hindi, Spanish, Chinese..." you might say now.

And yes, we know. And the fact that the Banano community is spread all over the globe inspired us to call for monkeys of all languages to participate in our effort to make this available in as many languages as possible.

We got great support and the translations for the first 14 languages were completed in just 10 days!

With these 14 languages we made our first submission with V1.2.1 to the Google Chrome webstore.

After adding even more functionality and 4 more languages over the past three weeks, Version 1.3.1 Codename "Bonobo" has been published in the Google Chrome Webstore (click to download) on Tuesday.

It is available for download in all regions, and in 18 different languages (locale identifiers in brackets):

  • Arabic (ar)

  • Danish (da)

  • German (de)

  • English - default (en)

  • Spanish (es)

  • Latin Amrican Spanish (es_419)

  • Persian (fa)

  • French (fr)

  • Hindi (hi)

  • Bahasa Indonesia (id)

  • Italian (it)

  • Japanese (ja)

  • Dutch (nl)

  • Norwegian (no)

  • Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)

  • Portuguese (pt_PT)

  • Russian (ru)

  • Vietnamese (vt)

  • Chinese - Mandarin (zh_CN)

We would greatly appreciate if you left a review and rating in the webstore, this really helps us with being found in search results.


Our sincere thanks go to everyone in the BANANO community who contributed and supported in the making of this. BAN fam - best fam! 💛

Translation and Proofreading:

  • AhmedDhaif93 for Arabic

  • Goose for Chinese

  • Kryptopia for Danish

  • ATH for Dutch

  • Liberty_Seed and iazid for French

  • sebrock for German

  • Skittish for Hindi

  • Pramono for Bahasa Indonesia

  • Lore and macaleon for Italian

  • Africa by Toto for Japanese

  • mina_hanem for Farsi

  • nknown for Portuguese

  • pygo for Norwegian

  • MidNightSonne and andrecrjr for Brazilian Portuguese

  • YaroslavaWise and Nomina for Russian

  • Cristalla for Spanish

  • Tahadorukk | Guns'NRoses for Turkish

  • Tu Hoang for Vietnamese

  • bbedward for reminding the jungle to support

Graphic Design support

  • Oops

If you would like to contribute another language, which is not there yet, or have any other suggestions or questions, get it touch with us. You can find André and sebrock on twitter and both of us Eroshi Nakamoto and myself sebrock|42 세브로크-마흔 둘 on the Banano Discord Server.

We welcome PRs, so if you know what that is and have something to contribute, go ahead.

Bonus: Quiz

The first 5 who solve the quiz and leave the correct answer along with a BAN address in the comments below will receive 131 BAN each. Good luck!

Question: What was the code name of the previous release (V1.2.1)? Hint: the answer can be found on discord and on github.

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Jul 23, 2020




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Jul 23, 2020







Jul 23, 2020

That was a nice project I was lucky to be part of! Thanks Sebrock!



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