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[Event] CryptomonKeys Meme Competition(2022): RESULTS

Theme: cryptomonKeys vs mainstream NFTs

With almost 100 submissions in our meme competitions, we can easily say the event was a success! All revolving around one single theme, the participants creativity and their knowledge on meme templates was put to the test in this second meme competition of the year, aiming to drive the creation of original cryptomonKeys memes!

The panel of judges consisted of SoggyApplePie, Bantano, Mayor, Piga and Rah, and as a reminder, the 3 main criterias that were in mind when judging the submissions were:

  • Creativity/originality (Use of a template in a creative way, original design, thinking outside of the box)

  • Shareability (Good grammar, good quality image, not NSFW, easily understood)

  • Humor (This one speaks for itself)

Without further ado, here are the results of this Meme Competition!

1st position: @K-#8001 AKA KorbeN

-Bananochan and sailor moonKey are both real head turner ngl

2nd position: @BananoForScale#9723

-The more you look, the more details you see... Genius!

3rd position: @Majic#7063


4th-11th position:
@Bolvar, @! svkpre, @Flightless_Pig, @cryptic_addict, @Mihkal, @Jatt, @SNAK65, @CHIARA/BA🍌NANO🇮🇹

And all the other participants:

@Soy_Groot, @CDjimmy - Zapu, @MstrNutella Man of Science, @MoraVII, @mokok, @asdvbnv, @jozata, @nookook19 | Rice overlord, @Corneille, @SSJ4Link, @turKer, @Tonydec_, @CryptoKiwi, @Rysiek N, @Copabanano, @Scaevola | trvu2.wam, @williamsb, @Blotokes Gardener 4 chocolatine, @rojostormer, @Master Halo 40, @Abiguei, @II ASX, @doc papichulo, @maily, @Frena91 ➡ u55qw.wam, @Sergio_io || nb5b4.wam, @ilikeoranges, @josefina, @Zacklin, @seci anime grill, @mariale, @holyharshit, @𝕶𝖚𝖗𝖙- 𝖒𝖔𝖓𝖐𝖊𝖞, @nicoojj, @Jorge_exD, @R0sA, @Hannes, @bananmon, @ondevento m3ek2.c.wam, @Choicebalance, @jp2masa, @The Green Imposter,Cult o Piga1W, @jamesss🐍@Adele, @Gabo, @bian, @pedroluisanz_17, @Spencer, @Rogelio, @Jimothy, @Ruptured, @ghostcam\freeRice#5\storyteller, @bela, @Melis Prieto dd1ic.wam, @Sir Ark | Lice Lich, @Darth Kermit

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Mar 05, 2022

congrats to the winner and all participants. i don't have the guts yet to do it

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