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[NEWS] Buy and Sell Goods on r/bananomarket

The Market is open! Set up your stands, people! It’s time to sell your best goods and products, and shop ’til you drop. FINALLY, you can purchase your Gamer Gorilla Bath Water™️ using your sweet, sweet potassium. No longer will your oil paintings of Colin LeMahieu be sitting collecting dust when you could swap them and collect $BAN instead.

We have already seen an interesting few items being sold in the market since the platform’s release, including custom artwork, Colombian cheese and lemons, and the answers to the community’s (voted) favourite faucet game, Black Monkey.

This is very exciting for BANANO, who, as a currency, has already proven itself to have real usecases. For example, we already saw the positive effects of trading $BAN for awesome goodies in Mr. G’s elementary school classroom, all while teaching children financial literacy skills and responsibility. Could this be the next step in worldwide trading with crypto? We want to hear your thoughts.

That’s it, everybody! Buy/sell specialized products from all over the world. Be creative. Make money. Purchase once-in-a-lifetime gifts and goods. Experience the power of BANANO by using it in a global market, the r/bananomarket!

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