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[NEWS] Floods Hit BANANO Discord

It will be over 30 days now that our monkeys have been soaked in anticipation over the seemingly never-ending rains that are coming from all directions. Yes, the Jungles of the BANANO Republic have been ripe with rains this month - and it all started from one whale: gurre.

To date, the mysterious millionaire has rained over 2.5 million BANANO, including individual rains of over 75000, 100000, and 215000 BAN.

And ever since this generosity has overcome the Jungles, another phenomenon has been observed. Knowing that rains of BANANO or NANO could start falling any minute, many monkeys have been readily raining 1000 BAN and 0.1 NANO just to activate themselves for the potential storms ahead. It has started a chain reaction of giving and receiving, as well as way higher levels of chat activia, all under the hope that it will pay off with an unexpected downpour.

So who is this generous stranger, and why did they choose us?

At this point, we can only speculate. What we can say and I’m sure the Jungles of BANANO would say, however, is: thank you to everybody for always fostering an environment of inclusivity, generosity, and joviality. Thank you for being part of a community that prides itself on being welcoming, and sharing the wealth of knowledge, love, and potassium we all possess. Not bad for a bunch of trolls.

May the .brains and benis be plenty.

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