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[NEWS] Kron Loses Activia

Could it be? Did the winner of the 2019 Activia Award really say they lost their activity? The Daily Peel tells all.

Last Tuesday morning around 8am EDT, rains began to fall in the jungle. As usual, in came the many pings, thank-yous, and comments of “not active”. So why was this day so.. remarkable? The Daily Peel reports that an unexpected somebody lost Activia to the Yellow Formula: Kron

Understandably, Time, Space, and the entire blockchain stopped for a moment. A source who asked to be remained anonymous gossiped to The Daily Peel that Kron’s announcement took everyone by such a surprise that it even managed to shut Nknown up for a second.

Thankfully, the universe stopping did not last long and Kron was reportedly back to his regular human-defying levels of activity soon after. The Daily Peel wishes to express gratitude to Kron for always being a reliable source of kindness, help, and knowledge in The Jungle.

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