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[NEWS] Bacon Victory at Marbles May Grand Prix

There were many ingredients that were needed to make this Grand Prix something delicious, but the main ingredient was bacon.

Arksun made it clear that the previous month’s result wasn't going to be repeated, so from the first day, he began to cook over low heat a tasty victory. In the first weeks, we could see the fight of different competitors for the first places, although, little by little they were falling behind while the little chef slowly cooked his victory.

With the previous month’s winner, Kron, overcooked from the start, the bacon aroma became more and more intense, but the arrival of a new opponent named Joojmachine gave a very special flavor to the second half of the competition.

Jooj began to reap victories and podiums that showed him as a real threat to the king of bacon, and not only him since deacero1000 also found the recipe for victory. All this happened while Arksun saw his advantage dissolve.

The last week of competition was the most difficult of all. Unexpected victories, complicated circuits and the arrival of more participants made it clear that to be champion you have to have the perfect recipe and although the pressure from Deacero and Jooj gave the bacon a bittersweet flavor, the final two races showed that a good meal isn't the one that has the most ingredients, but the one that is best cooked and the bacon was on point.

The staff of the Daily peel wants to congratulate Arksun, Deacero1000 and Joojmachine for getting the podium at the Marbles May Grand Prix and a big shout-out to Trigger Haven for once again showing all his magic as the host of this event.

Who will win next month? Will it be the return of Kron? Will Arksun continue his streak? or maybe a new opponent will show up to add some spice to the mix.

Everyone is invited to join this event that begins in the next stream on TriggerHaven's Twitch channel.

And finally, a look at the top 25 of the final leaderboard.

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Rosemarys gómez
Rosemarys gómez
30 พ.ค. 2563

Excelente como siempre! Gracias Phantoad

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