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[NEWS] Word Game Shows Literary Genius in Monkeys

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

The Jungle shenanigans are plenty once again this week while the community tests out a new game created by one of BANANO’s talented devs, NiceMitch#5200. The concept of the game is simple: a sentence is constructed by different players one word at a time. Once a word has been added, the sentence can be passed along to be added on to by somebody else. This process continues until it is eventually ready to be submitted as a complete sentence. After a sentence is complete, you must vote on the final result.

Voting criteria consists of the following 3 questions:

Obviously, this was a clear opportunity for many monkeys to exercise their literary genius, and the results were very much an indication of this. The Daily Peel decided to test it out, and also post some of what the community shared:

What would be a pizza without your favourite signature toppings?

What about stuffing your meat with more meat or.. more meat?

Romance isn’t dead, it is trapped behind thick rubber


The Daily Peel can confirm the following is true:

And there you have it, people. It is truly amazing to see a bunch of monkeys string together somewhat coherent sentences.

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