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[GOSSIP] Since 91% of Jungles Can’t Read, Stock Price of Bananas Goes Up 119%

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

The stock markets witnessed a surprising shot upwards this week after crypto’s favourite poster boy, Elon Mush, started tweeting about his favourite coins.

Unsurprisingly, the CEO of Not Doubting Ur Vibe began boosting the meme coin on his feed. The events that followed serve as a reminder to all of us that you never can be sure which way your investments are going to go - especially if people can’t read.

The Daily Peel reports that the famous man of Mush went on a tweeting tangent about investing in BANANO, and since over 90% of Jungles range from somewhat to completely illiterate, the tweets initiated a dramatic accidental increase of 119% in the stock price of bananas.

Given the current (very legitimate) data, we can only suggest that you stick to the better source of potassium. It just goes to show you, stonks will be stonks.

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