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[NEWS] The Urine Test Results Are In...

And we are sure you have been dying to get a taste of the outcome. So, wait no longer! We are bringing you the most exclusive access to the numbers from last week’s Peel Piss Poll (sorry I just really wanted an opportunity to say that).

The feedback from the community was a mix of flavours. We had many who couldn’t choose.

Some refused to choose either.

Some had trouble with the dichotomous survey and insisted they wished they could choose a third option: both (we see you, you kinky monkeys)

Some innovative ideas were also shared,

And some obvious words of encouragement towards our efforts,

But, ultimately we wanted you to choose... and here was what you guys came up with


Team Seb: DYOP (Drink Your Own Pee)


Team Soggy: DYC/PP (Drink Your Crush/Partner’s Pee)

The Results...

Team Seb: 72.5%

Team Soggy: 27.5%

Thank you for voting!

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