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BANANO Sundays: recap of the BANFam Community Call #16!

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Here is a recap of what was talked about in sunday's Ban Fam Community Call #16 on discord (you can read this article if you don't know what a ban fam community call is!) Thanks again to Oops#0420, SoggyApplePie#4501, turd#6969 and everyone that took the stage! (Blush, Airtune, Rah, Ghostcam... and I'm sorry if I forgot anyone!)


  • u/prussia_dev released GoBanMe, a browser extension that was made to tip your favorite websites and youtube channels with Banano! (peel article)

  • Banano NFTs' protocol is now finished, tested and stable! There is Still a lot to do, but that's an awesome milestone to hit!

  • The official Banano block explorer has been updated, check out the new creeper!

  • The official Banano site has been updated too, check out the new!

  • We have a new discord command, !farms will give the TVL and APY of the wBAN farms!

  • Dungeons & Banano is now on Instagram! And they're starting with a giveaway for one of the prized epic cryptomonkeys stacks (instagram link)!

  • Don't forget to try the new Banano faucet for pride month!

  • Also try the #Faucet of Knowledge in the banano discord server (it's a thread under the #🌴-the-jungle channel)!

  • Wrapped Banano (wBAN) is turning 1-year-old 🎉🎂🎉!

  • The Blood Donor Day be on June 14, time for a nice callback to the very successful Hemoglo-Ban event! A recap of the event will be posted, there will be twitter giveaway for the epic Hemoglo-Ban monKeystack... and yes, there will other Hemoglo-Ban events in the future!

  • JungleTV is also turning 1-year-old, on the 19th June 🎉🎂🎉!

  • JungleTV is going to celebrate its 1st year from Tuesday 14th to Tuesday 21st - 8 whole days of daily events and giveaways, with tons of Banano and NFTs prizes! Much more to be announced soon, keep an eye on your favourite outlet (daily peel, our @JungleTV_live twitter,, discord, reddit...)! Have an idea for a fun JungleTV birthday event? Submit your ideas in the google form, and we will contact you so we can set aside some prizes and make it a reality!

  • Swole torchic month is coming! (If like me you're confused about swole torchic, let's start with this peel article!)

  • The cryptomonKeys Design contest is still going! You have until june 27 to submit your entry! (peel article)

  • The Colors of Pride event will be launched soon, it will be a coloring contest with cryptomonKeys!

  • Reminder that the Monkey See Monkey Do is an ongoing event on the cryptomonKeys discord server! Do a good deed, earn a random cryptomonKeys NFT!

  • Also a reminder MonkeyHiking is another ongoing event on the cryptomonKeys discord server! Go on a hike, take and post pictures of it (and make sure to follow the instructions given in the cryptomonKeys server to be eligible), earn a random cryptomonKeys NFT!

  • Want to attend the next Community Call? Type the command "-bananosundays" anywhere in the banano discord server to be notified for future Banano Community Calls!

  • Want to add a topic to the agenda of the next Community Call? You can use the form in the #agenda-submissions channel of the banano discord server (at the very bottom of the channels list)

POAP (Proof-of-Attendance token) for attending Banano Sunday #16!

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