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BANANO Sundays: recap of the BANFam Community Call #8!

Happy 19th! Here is a recap of what was talked about in sunday's Ban Fam Community Call #8 on discord (you can read this article if you don't know what a ban fam community call is!) Thanks again Oops#0420, SoggyApplePie#4501, turd#6969 and everyone that took the stage (DrYunani, JayceGames, Nostalpouet, sebrock|42, batsintex, Shady, OviRussianSpy, SirPrick, Mag3s... and I'm sorry if I forgot anyone!)


  • The poker tournament concluded, it was awesome! (peel link)

  • The Banfest contest is still open... for a couple hours! Cook a recipe, post a photo, win some Banano! (peel link)

  • The Fest-oon-tree contest is open: decorate a christmas tree, take a photo, win some Banano! (peel link)

  • The Freerice event is open: answer quiz/trivia questions, help a charity, win some Banano and NFTs! (peel link)

  • The Christmas Emoji Banano Bingo event / Bango, will take place on december 23! A poll to choose the best time slot is open on discord (discord link)! Don't forget to register when registrations open, you'll have to type a command with a discord bot!

  • The giveaway for a pair of custom-made cryptomonKeys shoes is still open... for a couple hours! It's a pair of real, physical sneakers! (peel link)

  • Voting for the BANAcademy awards is still open... for a couple hours! If you have the discord citizen role, GO VOTE!! (peel link)

  • If you used wBAN (BSC or MATIC) before the december 5 snapshot, you only have a few hours left to claim you wBAN NFTs! More details in the article (medium link). If you lack dust of MATIC, you can ask in the #wrapped-banano channel of the Banano discord server to trade BAN->MATIC


Awesome 2021 cryptomonKey calendar shared by Soggy!

  • Question: will you share the creative process of a cryptomonKey, from conception to NFT implementation? Answer from SoggyApplePie: It would be very cool to release a video of the process (no promises though 😉)! I work with Procreate, it has a nice timelapse feature. You'd see the chaotic process, the struggles and time spent, the background layers that are hidden in the finished product...

  • BENIS!

  • Question: JungleTV is great! Would it be possible to find some way to fast track very active JungleTV members for the Banano Discord citizenship? Answer: the community management team will consider it!

  • Question: would it be possible to have frequent, smaller voice chats? Answer: community calls are a wrap up of what's happening, but the best way to stay up to date is to read the daily peel (peel link), and the #bannouncements and #events'n'stuff channels on discord. The voice channels are always open if you want to have more informal voice conversations!

  • Question: once the distribution phase is over, what use case will drive the demand for Banano? Answer: there will always be incentives for people to contribute to the project even after the end of the free distribution, either through financial incentives (people are financially invested in Banano) or emotional incentives (people are engaged with the community). One important point: it's a community project, so you can make a difference! Future use cases can come from you: come up with new ideas, with new use cases, with new games, implement them (or find someone that will)!

  • Question: can we reopen the Bangla channel on discord? Answer: the Bangla channel recently lost its moderator, and was closed because it's hard to balance an unmoderated channel, and a fair and free distribution. Ideally we'd want to find a new moderator that both respects the project and brings some meme energy! If you have any recommendation, feel free to send them to the community management team, or to the discord mod team for consideration!

  • There's a list of businesses that accept Banano. If you run such a business (e.g. you have a shop), you can be added to the list! Also, remember that you can post on r/bananojobs or r/bananomarket

  • Wholesome moment: thank you to the team (fanta, junta...) that makes the community a happy and fun place, that makes us smile every day

  • Campaign moments: candidates taking the stage, and some Grace (SoggyApplePie's cat) slandering 😭

  • Shoutout moment: to everyone that tuned in to the wBAN 6-month anniversary on, and shoutout to everyone that helped organizing it: WTP, gbl08ma, 3meow, Enki, TAFA and all those that helped!

  • Happy holidays to everyone!

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