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[NEWS] BANANO Turns Two!

It was quite the party in the many Jungles all over the world this past April 1st. Monkeys from across the globe gathered on the April Fool’s Day and shared memories and memes, sang karaoke, and took time to express appreciation for each other and the coin that brought us all together.

The festivities began in some of the earlier timezones, with Jungle Junta whiz Yekta starting us off with the first big brain of BANANO’s birthday. As the day continued, we saw tons of .brains, tips, and giveaways. We began the Mega-Super 4/20 Giveaway with a 100k starting pot, Turkish Instagram hosted a sizeable giveaway of 10000 BAN, and sources say there were several giveaways happening elsewhere.

The Daily Peel managed to screenshot SOME of the rains happening, including a few massive rains from yekta, bantano, Purian23, CFC, and a 600000 rain from our very own renesq.

A HUGE burn of 191 MILLION $BAN was sent to BANANO’s burn wallet: ban_1burnbabyburndiscoinferno111.... (CREEPER), adding to the 300 million burn that happened on BANANO’s 1st birthday in 2019. This boasts a total of 491919191.00 BAN, with just over 500 million sitting in its pending transactions (just shy of 15% of BANANO’s total supply). We did the math, and that means for every 2 BAN out in the big wide world, 1 BAN is burned (OoOh).

We also were blessed by Czernobog and Isaiah who kept the tunes going in #bananoradio all day. Finally, we got to see some creative crafts, hilarious memes, and beautiful artwork made by the BANFam.

Thanks to everybody for joining us for all of the day’s festivities. Now begins the Terrible Twos. Strap in (or on), and let’s ride this sucker.

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